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Wow what an accomplishment for me. I am learning something new. I would love to be able to share all of the fun things I do and this may be the avenue to use. I thought I would start out with showing just how perfectly organized I am. Everything has its place in our home, I'm just not sure exactly where that is. It seems to change from Day to Day. I love to work on piecing quilts, handwork, scrapbooking and about anything dealing with sewing. I have a fettish for aprons the past year. The way my days normally go, is I have a great idea on what I would like to work on. Now where did I put that pattern, two or three hours later I find it neatly filed in one of my thousand obvious places. Then what fabric was I going to use? I have a piece of every fabric ever created......and then the search resumes. After my two hour search I realize I tucked my pattern away again safely, another hour passes. I'm tired, don't want to sew anymore and go play games on the computer, or better yet order more fabric on the computer. "This is my life, and I'm keeping it"

Organized Chaos

Organized Chaos
My life, organized Chaos!

Monday, October 22, 2012

What I have been doing....

The past year, I have completely dedicated my time to the Cub Scout Program.  I also put in a bit of time with the Youth of our Ward doing Youth Conference.  Needless to say the stitchin part of Sandbaby has come to a halt!  Let me catch you up with the past activities, and you can be the judge of whether or not I am insane.
  It all started in January when Aaron and I were called to be in charge of Youth Conference.  Within a short time I got a call to be in charge of our Districts Cub Scout Day Camp Activities.  Okay, I can handle that.  Then I got a call shortly after that to be on staff at Akela's Council.  Well being me, I want to do it all, so the answers were yes, yes, and yes.  So onward and upward to the stress level of max.

Well if your doing Youth Conference, then it can only be where you would love to go.  I have always wanted to go to Aspen Grove for anything, so I immediately book it.  The beauty is, they have tons of activities and all the meals are included.  Easy right?  Well, actually it was just the beginning of making a new bunch of friends.  I got acquainted with some many fine people from our area.  We split up the job of getting speakers, so we only had to come up with one.  Well we had fabulous speakers like Clark Monson (President Monson's son), Meg Johnson an amazing women who had an injury to make her a quadriplegic, what an amazing attitude!!  And Jon Bytheway to wrap things up in our workshops.  We did a rope course, aspen follies which was put on by the staff at Aspen Grove, and then activities for everyone.  It was such a great week to start the summer off with a bang.  I love the YOUTH!!!

Okay, now the end of June and the first of July, I held the Cub Scout BB Gun and Archery Clinics.  We had them out at the shooting range by Hurricane and had to be there bright and early 5 days for the shooting to take place.  The Cubs can only do these activities at a BSA Sponsored Event, so this is their only chance to shoot as a den.  We had great participation.  Nothing does your heart better, than to see the boys light up, as they hit their targets.  Some go from fear to confidence in no time at all.  Now, this could not take place without the great volunteers at the shooting range and archery range to come and facilitate these great events!  It is great to know so many are willing to give up their time to help these young boys.
 Now onto Akela's Council.  It wasn't to take place until September, but with my Day Camp at the heels of this event, I had to know what I was going to do.  I had one presentation I was to come up with.  Now being myself, I go all the way or not at all.  I decided on an angry bird theme.  Now, I was working with one of the most amazing Cub Scout Leader I had ever met.  Michelle and I could work off of each other and have so much fun.  I think we had so much fun, that people actually got something from our presentation.  So I was an Angry Bird, Batman and was in charge of the Resource  Center for the camp.  Now the Resource meant, I was a mini craft store.  So I spent the summer acquiring everything imaginable.  I had to take my horse trailer to get everything up there.  We were at camp Tifie in Mount Pleasant it was beautiful, with the leaves changing color.  It was an eventful week and I wrote this story just to explain:

The Story of Tinkers the Truck

Once upon a time there was an old, old lady.  The lady’s name was Connee Cub Scout.  She was going about her own business, when she got a call from Cubmaster Annette.  Cubmaster Annette asked Cub Scout Connee, “Will you come to Akela’s Council and be my friend.”  Cub Scout Connee really wanted to go, because she didn’t have any friends, people thought she was crazy.  She pretended like she had a husband, and said she’d need to talk to him about it.  Cub Scout Connee sat by the phone for a few days to get up the nerve to call Cubmaster Annette back, she was so unnerved that anyone would want her to help.  She was known to be a bumbling idiot, and so it was quite an opportunity to prove it wrong. 
Time passed on and on before the big event, Akela’s Council, finally came.  Cub Scout Connee had been ready to go since the day Cubmaster Annette called.  She had emptied out every online store of many, many craft items.  She was so excited to prove she could do it.
As Cub Scout Connee was beginning to pack, Tinkers the Truck said, “I wanna go too!!! Can I? Can I?.”  Against Cub Scout Connee’s better judgement she said he would go.  Tinkers had been known to go through many a fuel filter, but she still said he could go.
After Cub Scout Connee loaded up Tinkers, he and Connee went to pick up Nurse Jamie.  Jamie wasn’t really a nurse, but she said that everyone had to call her that, or she wouldn’t play.  Jamie was ready to go in no time, and it was off to pick up Sharlett the Harlett.  Sharlett got her name from when she received her silver beaver, and it just stuck with Connee Cub Scout.
Off went Connee, Jamie and Sharlett in Tinkers the truck, pulling Stinky the Trailer. Up, up, up they went all the way up the mountain.  They laughed and laughed as Sharlett the Harlett talked of her many tales.  They were so happy to make it.  After they decided where they were going they tried to get Tinkers to take them.  Tinkers coughed and coughed and said he wouldn’t move an inch.  “I am tired and full of gunk, I won’t move another inch.”  Cub Scout Connee cried, “ What you &*)%^D$ Truck, now get moving Tinkers.”  Tinkers just sat there with a smug grin on his face, and didn’t move, not one bit.  Mac the Doodle, a very wise Cub Scout saw that Tinkers wasn’t going to move, and he tried and tried.  Tinkers just sat there and wouldn’t move a bit.  Soon Scotty the Beaver came along.  “What seems to be trouble?,” Scotty asked.  “Tinkers, just won’t get up and play,” said Connee Cub Scout.  “He seems to have a full filter and needs a change,”  said Mac the Doodle.  “Let me see if I can help,”  said Scotty the Beaver, and he went straight to work.  He twisted and turned and stretched and pumped, and still Tinkers would not turn over.  “It is hopeless,”  said Scotty the Beaver, and then everyone went on their way  leaving Tinkers all by himself.  Later on Connee Cub Scout found out a few trick to try to play on Tinkers, so she went straight to work trick him into starting.  “I am so smart,” said Connee Cub Scout and proceeded to lock the keys in Tinkers.  Tinkers sat there with that same smug smile, and said, “What you gonna do now?”  Connee Cub Scout started to sweat.  She sweat and sweat and sweat.  Her little tummy went flip flop, flip flop.  How could she tell Mac the Doodle and Scotty the Beaver what had happened.  She stomped around and then she got up the nerve to tell Mac the Doodle.  Mac looked at Connee Cub Scout like, what was Cubmaster Annette thinking, I don’t have time for this idiot.    Connee Cub Scout was real, real dumb.
Cub Scout Connee had to call Sorenson the Squirrel to come help get the key out of Tinkers.  He was able to open up tinkers real fast and retrieve the key.  Connee Cub Scout asked Sorenson the Squirrel to try to help Tinkers get up and going.   RRRRRRRRRR….RRRRRRRRRR…..RRRRRRR Tinkers could not start. “ Your going to have to call Tommy the Tow Truck and take him to town to get going,” said Sorenson the Squirrel.  So, Connee Cub Scout called and got Tommy the tow truck to come take Tinkers to town.  When Tommy the Tow truck got there, Sharlett the Harlett saw that Tinkers got safely to town.
Days went on and Akela’s Council was going just great.  Cubmaster Annette had wondered, “What was I thinking asking Cub Scout Connee to come’, but all seemed to be going all right for now.
Soon it was time to go get Tinker’s and bring him back up the mountain.  He really didn’t like to camp, so he had enjoyed his time in town.  Mac the Doodle and Cub Scout Connee went and got him.  He zoomed up the mountain, he was so happy to be able to suck his fuel up so nice and clean.  Up, up, up the mountain he went.  Soon he and Stinky the Trailer were reunited.  They sat there for days just looking at each other and talking about going home. 
Finally the big day came!  It was time to go home.  Tinkers and Stinky were so excited.  They were filled up with boxed and bags and stinky clothes.  They were filled to the brim and ready for the big trip home.  Tired and smelly Cub Scout Connee, Nurse Jamie and Sharlett the Harlett climbed up into Tinkers big cab to make their way home.  Down the hill they went.  Sharlett telling her tales and everyone laughing all the way.  Fast they went down the road headed for St. George, when Connee Cub Scout saw the sign “Birdseye”.  “Oops, did that say Birdseye?  We are headed north,” cried Connee Cub Scout.  “Hurry and turn around and don’t wake up Nurse Jamie,” said Sharlett the Harlett.  But the hysterical laughing soon woke up Nurse Jamie.  Back, back, back they went all the way until  finally they got to Nephi.  Tired and hungry they stopped to eat and fuel.  Connee Cub Scout promptly jumped out of Tinkers and started filling him with gas.  He gulped and gulped.  Sharlett the Harlett joined Connee Cub Scout, and asked, “Is that diesel?”  “)U%$*)&%(*(%%,”., said Connee Cub Scout, as she abruptly halted the fuel from feeding Tinkers.  “Now what?,” thought Connee Cub Scout.  “I am tired, I have Nurse Jamie and Sharlett the Harlett, and we are 200 miles from home.”  Connee Cub Scout called her imaginary husband air-on.  Air-on told her to call the Giant of Nephi, Craig.  Craig the giant was very disappointed in the stupid, stupid Connee Cub Scout.  He would be there shortly, Connee the Cub Scout was to sit tight, and touch nothing.  Connee the Cub Scout, Nurse Jamie and Sharlett the Harlett lost it at this point.  They laughed and laughed and laughed.  They would not be going home tonight after all.  Connee the Cub Scout somehow was not going to get Nurse Jamie or Sharlett the Harlett home on time.  Tinkers the truck had a sick sick belly.  Richard the furry mechanic had to come pump out Tinkers tummy.  He pumped and pumped until all the nasty gas was from his stomach.  He felt much better as he was filled with his fine diesel.  Cub Scout Connee, Nurse Jamie and Sharlett the Harlett were forced to stay with Craig the Giant.  They snored all the night long.  In the morning they jumped in Tinkers and traveled the long journey to St.  George.  When they got home Nurse Jamie and Sharlett the Harlett never spoke to Cub Scout Connee, Tinkers of Stinky the Trailer again.
The End.

When I get the pictures I will tell how our Day Camp went.

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